Xelajú MC Superchivos:New Season, New Players, A Good Start

XelajuMClogoBy Carlos Valdéz

If you follow the Xelajú MC Superchivos and the professional Liga Nacional in which they play, you’re likely to come across the terms Apertura and Clausura. These are the two parts, or torneos, of the annual season. The Apertura happens between June and December, while the Clausura unfolds between January and July. The Clausura just kicked off last month.

Each Apertura and Clausura is composed of two phases – classification and the final phases. In the classification phase, each of the 12 teams plays every other one twice, once at home and once on the road. After classification, the top 6 teams go the post-season. The top two teams gain an automatic berth in the semifinals, while the next four teams square off in a preliminary round (3rd vs. 6th & 4th vs. 5th place), the winners landing in the semifinal round.

The current teams in the Liga Nacional are: CSD Comunicaciones (G. City), Jalapa FC, Xelajú MC (here, of course!), Suchitepéquez (Mazatenango), Xinabajul (Huehue), Marquense (San Marcos), Universidad de San Carlos (G. City), Penarol La Mesilla, Heredia JDP (San José, Peten), CSD Municipal (G. City), Zacapa FC and Juventud Retalteca (Retalhuleu).

The Liga Nacional consists of four levels: top, 20-, 17- & 15-and-under. Each competes in its own season within its division. The 20-and-unders play before the matches of the top league, while the 17s and 15s have their own regional match-ups.

Here is a summary of the teams off to the best start this season:

Xelajú MC: News from the Superchivo camp includes the addition of two new and important players, Gregory Ruiz from Jalapa and Jose Manuel Contreras who played for CA Fenix of Uruguay. The local team should be among the top teams once again – they’re were in a close 3rd place after the first three matches in January.

Comunicaciones: The team is off to a great start, sitting atop the standings with a 3-0 record in late January, not allowing a single goal while scoring 9. They beat archrivals Xelajú and Jalapa. Last season they lost the title match to Municipal.

Jalapa FC: The team from the East, after lots of economic struggles, has blown an early breath of fresh air into the league. With their young team, they’re in 2nd place, achieving a 1-1 tie with defending champion Municipal. They also defeated Juventud Retalteca & Penarol la Mesilla.

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