Rainy Day Xela: Don’t Let the Rain Stop Your Fun

By Lucas Vidgen

We know – it hardly seems fair. You’ve been sitting in Spanish class all morning, looking out the window at the beautiful sunshine. Then, at one o’ clock you step outside and big fat raindrops start to fall. Well, despair not. We’ve put together a list of our Favorite Things to do on a Rainy Afternoon

Hop Some Galleries: Xela has two world-class galleries – downtown’s Casa No’j (7a Calle 12-21, Zona 1) and The District’s Efraín Recinos Gallery (Av Jesús Castillo 3-24, Zona 2). Both have revolving exhibitions of contemporary and classical national and international art – well worth a look-in. (Free) Take a Ride: The Tranvia de los Altos (that small wood-panelled bus that kind of looks like a train) will take you on a 1 1/2 hour tour of the highlights of Xela’s historical sights. Tours leave from the Central Park with a minimum of 6 people. (Q20)

Get Historical: If the funky weirdness of Xela’s Natural History Museum (7a Calle 11-27. Entry Q6) has whet your appetite, check out the Museo Ixkik’ (4a Calle b/w 19 & 21 Avs, Zona 3. Entry Q25) which explores the indigenous culture of Guatemala’s different departments through their use of traditional dress. Also on-site is the Museo Ferrocarril, documenting the life of the spectacular (and spectacularly short-lived) Ferrocarril de los Altos, which ran from Quetzaltenango to San Felipe for three years.

Lounge It: With free wifi, a collection of board games, cool tunes and yummy snacks, Zona 1’s Café El Cuartito (13a Av 7-09) is like a rainy day heaven.

Work It: Featuring a climbing wall, indoor pool, and undercover football/basketball court – all available at low prices – the Complejo Deportivo (4a Calle, Zona 3, next to Minerva market/terminal) is the place to go to get active without getting soaked.

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