P o p p i n g

Don’t diss Xelaju

Xela´s most hilarious story to hit the local headlines last month goes to the controversy caused by the recently crowned Miss Quetzaltenango and her not-so-cool comments on our bellowed Super Chivos. Only a few days after being crowned, Stephanie Sical caused an outrage across Guatemalan social networks when she enraged Xelajú fans (read: the entire population of Xela) by tweeting “I don´t mean to offend anyone but this is one of the stupidest things I´ve ever seen. Hahaha” in reference to a rather passionate Super Chivo fan that had tattooed Xelajú Club´s logo on his back. The comment whipped up such a storm that Stephanie was forced to issue a formal statement claiming that she wasn´t specifically referring to our dear Xelajú but instead wanted to raise awareness among young people to discourage them from getting tattoos because our bodies are “temples of God” and He would not approve. Keep digging that hole Stephanie. Keeeep digging.


F lo p p i n g

Bad news month

Often when Guatemala hits international news  headlines it´s a good thing. The Rios Montt trial a few months back, for example, made Guatemala world famous for being the first country in history to try a former head of state for genocide in their own country – something to be proud of. This month though, our international headlines weren´t so rosy. Within the space of a couple of days, Guatemala had stories featured in the “Most Read” section of various international media outlets´ websites – one involving an attack by members of a local mara (gang) on a bar in San Jose Nacahuil leaving 11 dead and another involving a horrific chicken bus accident where a bus with an official capacity of 54 passengers but carrying around 90 and being driven by an underage driver plunged into a ravine killing 44 people. Here´s to hoping our headline stories this month are slightly more positive.


This October 19th the youth association, El Infinito and the SoulFire Project have teamed up to organize the first Festival Infinito – Cultura Permanente, a cultural festival that will bring together live music from international and local talents with fire dancing, body painting, bonfires and Guatemalan food and drinks. Festival Infinito will take place in a beautiful, open-air location (soon to be revealed), here in Quetzaltenango. Headlining the festival will be Raggabund aka Caramelo Criminal, a modern mestizo mix of cumbia, ragga and tropical sounds. Supporting bands will include local groups; Tz’utu Baktun & 13 Lunas Cosmovision Hip Hop, Chamuko, Sacate Jag, Dj Brax from Colectivo Xela Grooves, as well as the SoulFire Project from Oregon and DJ FlaKO from Guatemala City. With musical styles ranging from Hip Hop to Afro-Beat, Reggae to Funk, Festival Infinito is sure to be the most diverse and unifying event of the year. For festival updates and information, follow us on Facebook: Festival Infinito or Twitter: @INFIfest




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