Xela Goes Organic

“Organic Sundays” is a new initiative in Xela that aims to bring delicious, fresh, organic food to Parque Central in order to give
Quetzaltecans and extranjeros an opportunity to support local farmers and rural communities and learn more about ways to protect the environment and about local organisations and initiatives doing important environmental and development work in the region. XelaWho recently caught up with Mario Flores from FECCEG to get the lowdown on this exciting new initiative and to bring the news to our lovely readers.

XW: How did these events come about and what are you aiming to achieve by bringing organic food to Parque Central?

MF: Organic Sundays came about as an initiative of the Regional Organic Collective and was inspired by an Organic Sundays initiative in the Capital City which has been very successful. We saw the need to expand the market for organic produce in the Western region of the country, as we realised that there are various organic and agroecological producers and farmers across the Altiplano who don’t have a concrete space in which to promote their products and to raise awareness about the benefits and advantages that come with the consumption of organic food.


By organising these events we hope to raise awareness amongst consumers that there is another choice when it comes to their food consumption they choose to buy and eat: one that is healthier, more conscious of and responsible for the environment and the local economy. In this way we hope to be able to contribute to improving the levels of nutrition in the city.

Why did you feel the need to promote these types of events? What´s the difference between buying food at an Organic Sunday and simply going to the Democracria to buy your fruit and veg?

Our current lifestyle has led to a dramatic increase in the consumption of fast food, which contributes to a poor diet and results in poor health. Additionally, most Quetzaltecans have very little knowledge about where their food comes from and how it was produced and this has generated the need to start a process of awareness-raising amongst the local population about the importance of being more conscious about the food that one eats, and about how this is fundamental in order to stay healthy whilst also doing a great deal to contribute to local development, generate employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life for communities across the region.

By coming and buying products from Organic Sundays instead of simply buying your food from the normal markets, you can be sure that you eating more healthily since all the products and not produced with chemicals, and that you are also contributing the care and protection of our land and our environment as a whole.

What does the near future hold for Organic Sundays? And how can one get involved?

We have recently integrated the Collective of Associations for Local Development – Piensa Global, Actua Local Xela – into our Organic Sundays events. This partnership between the two groups is an important milestone for us as it will enable us to further enhance regional alliances that can enable us to improve the promotion, dissemination and impact that the different associations can achieve for development of the region.

If you want more information about the events or want to get involved then visit  https://sites.google.com/site/colectivoorganicoregionoccgt/ or check out PIENSA GLOBAL ACTÚA LOCAL XELA´s Facebook page.

See the events section for the upcoming Domingos Orgánicos this month.

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