Dave’s Rave: Big Dave’s Top Ten Places to do Nothing: Guatemala and Belize

Dude. The D Man is back. That’s right – he loved you, left you, lost your phone number (which was why he didn’t call) and would like to hook up again, if you’re not too busy.

The Davemeister is hoping that you noticed his absence.
Now, serious students of all things Daveological will have noticed that the Big D’s main aim in life is to fill up a page while expending the least energy possible, thereby making a speedy return to the sofa to catch the rest of the Spongebob Squarepants marathon.

And it may not come as too much of a shock to discover that this not-quite Protestant work ethic flows through to the rest of the Dubious One’s life, where he has, in a relatively short time, elevated the taking of it easy to an art form, degraded it to the level of some sort of twisted perversion and brought it back up again to the status of a reasonably respectable pastime.
And having just returned from his Central America Tour, The Davelicious One would now like to drop on you…

Big Dave’s Top Ten Places to do Nothing: Guatemala and Belize

• El Retiro, Lanquin: Dangle your feet in the river and hit the caves or Semuc Champey if you can muster up the juice • San Pedro La Laguna, Sololá: Thousands of hippies can’t be wrong. Well, not about this, anyway

• El Estor, Izabal: A lake, some mountain views and a sweet little town – what else do you need?

• El Remate, Petén: You may have to wade through the yogaphiles, but the sunsets are awesome

• Tilapita, Retalhuleu: A one hotel beach town? Enough said

• Sittee River, Stann Creek: You could wait for a boat out to the cayes, or just grab a tube and float downstream • Barton Creek Outpost, Cayo: Pitch a tent, string a hammock, grab a mattress – it doesn’t matter, this place is awesome

• Caye Caulker, Belize: The backpackers’ fave is still coming up with the goods

• Barranco, Toledo: Good thing those Garifuna love to chat – there’s nothing else to do here

• Hopkins, Stann Creek: Three streets, one beach and a whole lotta hammocks

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