Dave’s Rave: The Sandwich

Davey Doo, you are missing out. You may be having a fantastic time gallivanting around Guatemala, clad only in binoculars, a fanny pack and a khaki vest with 34 pockets, but the moment you left town a flurry of wonderful new restaurants appeared here in Xela. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that they waited to open their doors until you left. Anyway, thanks to a few savvy entrepreneurs, Xela finally has…

The Sandwich

Choritortas: The fine folks at Choritortas know how hard your life is. So, next time you’re in a rush to grab lunch, you don’t have to settle for a Coke and a package of Chiky’s.

Prepared quickly, toasted perfectly, and filled with fresh veggies and melted cheese, the sandwiches here are big, tasty and only cost Q15 to Q20. Choritortas even offers up two great veggie subs, as well as three salads, for the herbivorous community.

With beers priced at Q13, a comfy set-up, a solid collection of games, friendly, laid-back owners, and the previously unheard-of concept of “outdoor seating,” this is a good spot to study Spanish, talk about how your vacation is going, plot a revolution, etc…

Choritortas is located right in the center of things, on the corner of 15a Avenida & 4a Calle, and is taking advantage of it by hosting artisan fairs every Sunday from 8AM to 8PM.

Smoothies Rum: Sandwiches are wonderful. I love them so much it’s slightly disturbing. But a bagel sandwich? Full-blown foodgasm.

Smoothies Rum knows that when you say “sandwich,” you’re not looking for Bimbo and bologna. They have been listening to that barely audible, melancholy hum emitted by the extranjero community, a hum that, when recorded and slowed down, sounds a lot like “baaaaaaaaggggggggggeeeeeeeel.”

Said bagels are fantastic, and you can choose from a dizzying array of delicious sandwiches like chicken cordon bleu, salmon and pesto. Everything is well under Q30, including a bagel and cream cheese for the outrageous price of Q10.

Smoothies Rum also has great smoothies (imagine that), and I have heard whispers that there will be scones in the very near future. See for yourself at 7a Calle 12-23, next to the stone bridge.

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