Dave’s Rave: Pool & Beer

Dude. The Davemeister’s going to have to tone it right down a little this month. His folks are in town, so he’s taking a break from the tales of wild sexcapades and all night lithium binges and paring it all back to a G rating.
So, um. Yeah. I guess we’d better get on with the review…Pool & Beer.

Players, astute students of Daveology will have noted on these pages before that the D man devoted a not insignificant portion of his teenage years to the gentlemanly art of billiards. He got pretty good at it, too. There was a time when even the sight of the Davelicious One lining up a bank shot into the corner pocket would leave no lady in the room undampened (sorry, mum).

It was during these formative years that the D train developed the concept of The Zone – a mystical region somewhere between two and five beers where you’re relaxed enough to become one with the pool cue, but not so spazzy messy that you lose all coordination.

And so that’s why the Dubious One is giving a big shout out to Xela’s newest bar this month. This place has everything that you could want in a pool bar – good tables, straight cues, warm lighting and enough beer in the fridge to keep you in The Zone all night.

And the best thing is that it shares a kitchen with one of Snoop Davey Dave’s favorite Italian restaurants, Portofino, so the menu gets the double thumbs up.

Rack ‘em up, suckers.

Pool & Beer is at 12 Av 10-21, Zone 1.

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