Dave’s Rave: El Panorama Restaurant

Dude. The D man is always on the hunt for that Romantic Place to take his Special Lady Friend. Or a Nice Place where he can wine and dine any of his other Lady Friends. Or, failing that, somewhere he can go to chow down with any old slapper off the street.

So imagine his delight when he discovered…El Panorama Restaurant

Now, let it be said from the start that the Davemeister is a City Boy and the whole “let’s walk up mountains” thing leaves him a little cold, especially since you just have to turn around and walk back down again.

But the Dave-o-Matic 5000 is willing to make exceptions, and the hike to La Panorama is just one such case. It’s really only a 15 minute walk, but the view is killer – people look like ants from up there, and the ants… you can’t even see them.

The Dubious One’s third-hand hearsay-based research indicates that this place is run by a real live Swiss guy, which would explain why there’s so much raclette on the menu, and also why the bathrooms are so clean.

La Panorama is up the hill at the south end of 13 Av. Go past the right side of the little park, keep going up, and turn right when you see “Alquimista” painted on a rock.

Hours are 5 to 10 pm Wednesday to Saturday and 1 to 10 pm weekends.

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