Dave’s Rave: The Pupusa

The Davemeister knows what’s going down. He’s a man with his ear to the ground. In fact, some Sunday mornings he can’t remove his ear from the ground, but that’s another story. He knows what people are saying – that the D man spends all his time lolling around in restaurants, scribbling vaguely legible notes in little notepads.

Let me assure you, my backpacking brethren – nothing could be further from the truth. The Hardest Working Dave in Show Business is in fact a very busy man, and sometimes he has no time to stop and eat.

But even when he’s on the run and eating on the street, Snoop Davey Dave demands excellence. Which is why he would like to use this month’s column to pay homage to…La pupusa

Dude, the Pupusa just flat out rocks. For any Australians out there, this is the closest you’re going to get to a potato cake (alright – scallop for you NSW freaks) for the next 13,000 km. For the rest of you, the Daverooly’s advice is to grab a flight to Oz IMMEDIATELY, eat a potato cake, acknowledge it as the culinary high-water mark of Western Civilization, then come back and continue reading this column.

Done? OK. The Pupusa varies slightly from The Supreme and Almighty potato cake in a couple of ways – it’s made from cornflour instead of potatoes, is cooked on a flat grill rather than deep fried, it isn’t battered and is filled with cheese or pork rind as opposed to being pure potato. Apart from that they’re pretty much IDENTICAL. Good God, I feel like weeping at the simple thought of just how tasty these little suckers are.

THE FINE PRINT: Pupusas are available from roadside stalls from mid morning until late at night. Your best bet for finding one is around the markets, like the Central market or La Democracia. Q5 is the going rate.

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