Dave’s Rave: El Balcon de Enríquez

Relax, peeps. The Davemeister is A OK, and hasn’t sustained any major water damage. The D-Man’s 9 years as a first year University student came in handy, too, and spending a week in the house with the electricity cut off, eating instant noodles seemed like a walk down memory lane.

This month, when the clouds cleared, the Big D had to have a band meeting with his hardcore acapella R &B outifit, Dubious Dave and the Slightly Peeved Six, so we headed up to…El Balcon de Enríquez

Now let it be said from the start that the Davester has a big Jones on for the whole outdoor eating thing. When the weather’s good and the birds are chirping and you’re not getting a lungful of bus diesel every five seconds, there is no better way to scarf down your tacos, IMHO.

The added bonus of this place is that it has an absolutely rocking view out over the Central Park. So, you can kick back, sip on your Cuba Libre and watch the painstakingly slow progress of the renovation crew.

Tuesday nights this spanking little jazz duo plays. Man, those cats are tight. They may possibly even be whack.

The food’s OK, too – nothing mindblowing, but they do a better than average breakfast. The location’s really the killer here.

Check it out and tell me if I’m lying…

THE DAVELICIOUS ONE’S ONLY GRIPE: Normally, the Daverooly has no problem sharing eating space with a couple of mange ridden parrots that will not shut up, but there’s something about this pair that really gets to me.

THE FINE PRINT: El Balcon del Enriquez is open 7:30am to midnight daily. Meals cost around 30Q. The entrance is off Central Park, just to the left of Pasaje Enriquez, where Tecun is.

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