Dave’s Rave: The Bake Shop

So much to rave about, so little space to do it in. The Davester’s normally superhuman levels of enthusiasm have been peaking out at maximum levels all month, and those famous thumbs have remained pretty much permanently in the upright position.

Check it: The mag is totally kicking ass, the eds have lined up a national distribution deal – A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BACKPACKING BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN FLORES, ANTIGUA AND DOWN ON THE LAKE, and the D monster has been getting fan mail. Aw, shucks. But ladies, please – stop sending undergarments.

Or, if you really must, make them size 14. Even the D man has days when he can’t get to the lavanderia.

Anyway. On with the Rave. This month I’d like to give big ups to a place called…The Bake Shop.

Few people know that MC Davemaster D suffers from a debilitating chronic illness commonly known as “the munchies”. Brought on mostly by all-night drinking sessions and other less socially acceptable activities, this horrible condition compels the Davemeister to “munch out”.

Times like these, he heads straight for the Bake Shop, a bakery run by Mennonites*. According to Big Dave’s painstaking research¹, the Mennonites are kind of like the Amish, except they make better donuts².

The munching possibilities here are nearly endless. Choc chip cookies, mini cheese cakes, and the best named munchie food ever, Whoopie Pies. The selection is, as they say in the classics, wicky whack whack.

They also do a good line in granola and wholemeal bread. Even ravin’ Dave likes to eat something healthy now and then³.

THE FINE PRINT: The Bake Shop is at 18 Av 1-40, Zone 3. Hours are 9am-6pm, Tuesday and Friday.

*Editors note: Please be aware that Dave is in way, way over his head here. For serious info on the Mennonites, check www.mennonite.net
1 We shudder to think what “painstaking research” may involve in this context – eds.
2 We did warn you – eds.
3 This is probably the most ridiculous claim in this entire pile of gibberish – eds.

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