Dave’s Rave: Sabor de la India

One, two… one, two… howdy y’all – this is Big Dave comin’ at ya from downtown Xela. I guess being that this is my first Rave and all, I should welcome you, and mebbe rap a little bit about what’s going down with this whole Rave thing.

Every month (or until I get deported/my folks stop sending me cash) I’ll be giving big ups to one of my fave places around town. I’ll try to make them not too obvious, and you can be pretty sure they won’t be in your guidebook.

So. That’s the dealy-O. Now, without further ado, sit back and strap yourself in for my very first review, a little something I like to call…Sabor de la India.

Dude. Never let it be said that Big Dave doesn’t enjoy a bellyful of Indian food. NEVER. LET. THAT. BE. SAID. Some of ravin’ Dave’s happiest moments have been spent hunkered over a steaming bowl of curry or a thick and spicy dahl.

It warms the Davemeister’s heart, therefore, to announce that Xela now has its very own Indian Restaurant. And that it is a little ripper.

For about Q30 your stomach will be nigh on exploding with your choice of fish, chicken and vegetarian curries, rice, chapattis, etc, etc. The Lhassis are so thick you may just pop a blood vessel trying to drink them through a straw, and if you’re up for breakfast, the D man gives his trademark two thumbs up to the stuffed paranths. They sure stuffed me.

Editor’s note: Sabor de la India’s new location as of January 2010 is: 15 Avenida 3-64, Zona 1, next to Vrisa Books. Hours are Tues-Sun 12pm to 10pm.

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