100 Issues of XelaWho!!

What you’re holding in your hands is much more than the 100th edition of the little magazine known as XelaWho. Really, what it is is a testament to dumb-ass perseverance and a vindication of slacker culture worldwide.

It all started as all brilliant/ stupid plans do – with a collection of inquietudes. One, us English speakers here in Xela needed something to read. Two, we needed to know what was going on, preferably before it happened. And three, I needed something to do with myself as I whiled away the days here in my adopted mountain home.

Initial reactions were skeptical. Yoga Kevin made the now famous prediction that the magazine would be one page long. People said there would be no interest, or advertisers wouldn’t pay. But we stuck in there. Dumb-ass perseverance, remember?

Since those heady early days we’ve survived hurricanes, weathered the predictable onslaught of copycat “competition”, changed editors more often than we’ve changed underwear (sometimes waaay more), gone legit tax-wise, tripled our staff, halved our profits, tried out even more stupid, brilliant ideas (ref the ill-fated Color Cover Experiment. Compare and contrast with The Doomed From the Start San Pedro Section), grown (56 pages was the record), shrunk (20 was the all-time low), printed the only known photo published in Xela of two men kissing (and lost advertisers because of it), published the same editorial every September for the last eight years (thanks for noticing, Yoga Kevin), been called losers, posers and a whole lot of other stuff that wasn’t strictly true either, launched at least two writing careers, been responsible for at least one relationship breakdown (it was on the rocks, anyway), and generally done our best to inform, amuse, misinform and infuriate while providing what you have to admit is the best bathroom reading that Xela has to offer.

So probably what you’re expecting now is some big announcement. We’re going national… we’ve been bought out by google.

Well, nope*. We’re just going to hang in there, and keep plugging along same as we always have.

Dumb-ass perseverance, remember?

All up, it’s been quite a ride. And I guess it’s time I thanked you all – readers, advertisers, writers, editors and photographers for making it all come together, and making it look like it was me doing all the hard work.

So, thanks.

Lucas Vidgen


* but if somebody from google is reading this, we’re definitely open to offers…


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