Sugar Fix: Guatemalan Alternatives to Your Favorite Candy

By Cynthia Ord

So you think you know candy? Maybe back home. With American candy prices at record highs, it might be a good time to explore the Guatemalan alternatives. The quality lags, but the prices are right…

If You Like…HERSHEYS…you should try…Granada red bars. In the land of cocoa, the chocolate is shamefully waxy and bland. But it’s still edible, even s’mores-able

If you like…NESTLE CRUNCH…you should try…Granada blue bars. The crispies are fewer and farther between, but they do their job of adding a little crunch.

If you like KIT KAT…you should try…Crispin bars. Like an inflated Kit Kat, full of wafery, layery, chocolatey goodness. Slight chemical aftertaste.

If you like M&Ms…you should try…Lunitas. More shell than chocolate, unlikely to melt in your mouth or your hand.

If you like ANDES MINTS…you should try…Granada Turrón de Menta. Chocolate covered mint nougat with a strange chewiness that leaves you wanting more

If you like FERRERO ROCHER…you should try…Bombones. Creamy filling covered with a light crispy wafer layer and milk chocolate. You have to imagine the hazelnut.

If you like SNICKERS…you should try…Nikolo bars. Chocolate with peanuts and almonds, but no caramel or nougat. A lightweight that doesn’t satisfy the hunger.

If you like CARAMELS…you should try…Arcor Butter Toffees. Chewy little wads of buttery sweetness. Filled with drops of café, chocolate or leche cream. A must try!

If you like JELL-O…you should try…New Food mini fruit bites. Juicy, firm at room temperature, and in five fruit flavors. Available everywhere.

If you like COUGH DROPS…you should try…Halls extra-lyptus. Loaded with menthol, just like the ones from the school nurse. In Guatemala, treat them like candy.

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