A Valentine’s Treat: Casa del Prado Restaurant

By Dr. Love

Alright dudes in love, we know you’re saving your precious few Qs for a guitar or Costa Rica trek. But take heed that skimping on Valentine’s Day is a recipe for weeks of snuggle-free nights. On any other day pupusas on the square will do, lad, but NOT on February 14th! Luckily your intrepid pals at XelaWho want you to get laid and often, so we test out Xela’s finest restaurants for you. A good bet is to take your Valentine to Xela’s best-kept secret, the Casa del Prado. 

Casa del Prado is the lovely mansion with a necklace of lights at the foot of the next hill over from Cerro El Baul. Because Prado appears so elegant, I have hesitated to dine there for fear of busting the bank. To my pleasant surprise, however, the menu is eclectic and affordable.

What will score you mega snuggle points is Prado’s ambiance. Insist on sitting on the huge outdoor balcony overlooking Xela and a beautiful garden. True, nocturnal outdoor dining in Xela seems nutty, but the view and experience are worth the shivers. You’ll survive because you’ll heed my advice to dress appropriately, and the waiters will greet you with blankets. Making a reservation at sunset will earn you a thousand bonus snuggle points!

Casa del Prado’s menu is a bit off-putting. Here we were, my partner and I, on this elegant balcony with hardwood floors and nice china and utensils. Yet the mildly cheesy picture menu contained everything – and in every price range – from seafood to steaks to Guatemalan to Chinese food. This is certainly no disadvantage since you can eat here economically.

Still, I would have felt oddly guilty ordering a cheeseburger. 
My partner ordered the roasted chicken combo (Q38); the chicken was nicely seasoned and juicy and was accompanied by herbed potatoes, a salad and a drink. I ordered the grilled shrimp (Q78) which tasted good despite being a bit heavy on the lime. My meal came with herbed fries and salad. Both of us agreed that our meals were tasty, made with high-quality ingredients and worth the price.

Casa del Prado sits at the end of 8a Calle, Zone 4. The final few blocks are a rutted, dirt road, so take a cab to avoid dusting up your fancy duds. 
The phone number is 7763.2292. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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