Crystal Skulls in San Pedro

By Aron Bedoin

What could Area 51, Ancient Babylon, Atlantis, George Lucas, Crystal Skulls and Lake Atitlan possibly have in common? You’ll soon find out in the new Indiana Jones movie released this May [2008].

Filmed in such exotic locations as underwater caves in the Yucatan and lush rainforests of the Petén, the film explores the story of ancient crystal skulls found around the world that some think to be advanced computers from ancient Atlantis. Gary Plumpton, a San Pedrano from Canada, started investigating the facts behind these crystal skulls more than a decade ago. While he didn’t buy into the sci-fi theory of extraterrestrials and ancient civilizations trying to communicate with us through skulls carved from stone, he points out some intriguing facts. No one has yet determined how anyone could carve an exact, faultless replica of a human skull from a single quartz crystal. Furthermore, these transparent skulls were found all around the world, independently from each other and with no clues about who made them or why. Gary records his research with a camera, offering a great opportunity to show everyone a bit more about Guatemala – especially San Pedro. He constantly updates his documentary travel show about people connected to the skulls, and, in addition, produces promotional DVDs about Lake Izabal and Atitlan, providing valuable footage on coffee production, colorful Mayan ceremonies and fiestas as well as everyday life around the lake. Gary hopes to reach potential visitors with his DVDs and YouTube videos (check out The quest for the crystal skulls remains a hobby he’ll continue to pursue while shooting documentaries around the country. He considers himself objective enough to handle such an issue, pointing out, “Am I more influenced by unbelievable theories than any one of us by TV commercials? I don’t think so.” That’s more than we can say.

Our intrepid San Pedro correspondent, Aron Bedouin, will be hiking trails, crashing parties and drinking until the wee hours of the night to bring you the scoop on all things San Pedro. For more of his writing and fantastic photography, check out his blog here.

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