The Mayan Numbering System

The Mayan society bases their spirituality on the natural order. In an ongoing series, we’ll look at the significance of the numbers one to 13 as they apply to the Mayan cosmovision, which, combined with the 20 nahuales, form the 260 frequencies or energies that influence every day of the Mayan year. Each number is related to a facet of life, an animal and a body part.
1: Jun (Time)
Animal: Bat
Body Part: Right Ankle
The principal of Unity, its purpose is to attract and unite. Jun speaks of the beginning and the origin. The unity establishes purpose, the object and the goal, regardless of size.

Unity is everything – the one absolute truth, and the mental creation of everything. In the circle of perfection, all beings are inseparably united regardless of size or manifestation. The belief that it is otherwise creates a chasm in the universal energy field.

2: Ka’i (Life)
Animal: Scorpion
Body Part: Right Knee
The principle of polarity, its purpose is to challenge, stabilize and polarize. Ka’i speaks of the skeleton and the essence, masculine and feminine and the symmetrical duality of living beings. To harmonize the vibration is to resolve the polarity, balancing the two extremes. If all is light, form disappears, so shadow is necessary. We can cultivate our resonance by harmonizing our vibrations with those of higher beings, like the planets and the galaxy.

3: Oxi’ (The senses)
Animal: Deer
Body Part: Right Hip
The principle of rhythm and compensation, its purpose is to unite and activate. Oxi’ speaks of ebb and flow, rises and falls, action and reaction. It’s the movement between the poles of all planes – physical, mental and spiritual.

Everything is born, grows, dies and is reborn. Creating polarities, we unchain events and circumstances that we experience and overcome. Actions that create negative energy (ignorance or lack of spirituality) are kharmas. Actions that suppress and correct negativity (wisdom) are Dharmas and create a positive energy.

4: Kaji’ (Mind)
Animal: Owl
Body Part: Right Wrist
The principle of Measure, its purpose is to define and give balance. Kaji’ speaks of the measure of all spiritual materials and the power of the mathematical order of the micro-and macro-cosmos. Kaji’ establishes the limits of the structures: the four principle forces, four sacred paths and the four elements – fire, air, water and earth. Four is also the number of the Mayan regions, the primary chemicals, the cosmic roots, cardinal points and solar stations.

5: Wo’o’ (Time)
Animal: Turkey
Body Part: Right Elbow
The principle of Nucleus, its purpose is to command and confer power. Wo’o’ is the capacity of realization, the mobility of the fingers and the perception of beauty, the fifth point or center of the Universe. Every entity, no matter how small, has a nucleus which binds and a peripheral manifestation.

6: Waqi’ (Life)
Animal: Lizard
Body Part: Right Shoulder
The principle of Organic Equilibrium, Waqi’ speaks of balance and equality. The polarity of rhythm generates the organic principle, the Law of hexagonal order and the structure of crystals and cells. The tendency of living beings is to seek equilibrium as a waypoint to becoming a superior consciousness. The principle of the Difference of Potential leads to resolution of situations through qualitative leaps between states of energy. Nothing happens by chance – everything has a cause and effect, and the Central Cause is the Creator, whose actions create equilibrium, the beginning of the integration of our introspection.

7. Wuqu’ (Mystic Power)
Animal: Monkey
Body part: Neck
Harmonization, Inspire, Channel.
Men are units resonating within an all-Mental, the material order is a fractal of the mental ordering of the universe; we do not control the Mind, rather, the Mind thinks us up. The Mind immerses us. Number 7 channels energy, inspiring harmony. It represents the lunar phases and the 7 days, the second step of the inner transformation; the active intellect, the lunar influence.

8. Waqxaqi’ (Resonant Octaves)
Animal: falcon 
Body Part: Left Shoulder
Integrity, Sculpting, Harmonizing.
Just as in music, the stairs follow one another in octaves, the vibratory energies contact and resound with their respective tones on the higher and lower levels of manifestation as well as the secondary harmonics derived from the vibration.

The octaves are the informational vehicle of everything, such as the law of harmony; the eighth tone grants the ability to shape, to sculpt, and to describe aspects of the level immediately above vibration. Number 8 is the inner essence, being as recipient of the cosmic essence, the HAHUI times two (4). It brings together the four directions (+) and the four corners (X) of the earth. 

9. Beleje’ (cyclical frequency)
Animal: Jaguar
Body Part: Left Elbow
Intention, Realization, Pulse
Anything that moves does so according to the Cosmic Law; the cyclical frequency, not the repetition of events, is the quality through which events associate themselves with past events and with time as resonating phenomena (cycles within cycles).Number 9 represents the feminine of the generatrix principle (Yin), the creative pole where the generation or production of forms is manifested, energies and new concepts that intensify the evolutionary process of life, the object; the will to put movement in action.

10. Lajuj (Manifestation)

Animal: the dog

Body part: the left wrist
Movement as energy is manifested at every level of vibration (demention). Everything that is manifested, or rather, that has a charged presence (subjective or objective) can be measured, and vice versa.. Hands joined, the duality of hands (5+5=10), mutually balancing each other, like an arrow pointing to the objective.

11. Julajuj (dissonant structures)

Animal: the snake

Body part: the left hip

All stuctures, no matter their nature, tend to enter into new realities; perpetual motion implies mutation and constant change, in life we make these new realities conscious. The structures seem to “disorder” themselves, such as chaos in the material world, are really entering into a superior order that is incomprehensible. The crevice that separates us from everything isn’t evolution; rather, it is a superior order that we understand as chaos today is waiting our entrance, it is the fifth dimension that transcends all.

12. Kab’lajuj (complex stability)

Animal: the rabbit

Body part: the left hip

This is the polarization of organic equilibrium, through which every species wins it own level of harmonic frequency, or rather, its status as a species: code, niche, habitat, etc. It generates the conservationist forces of all live organisms, including the earth, as symbiotic cooperation.

13. Oxlajuj (universal movement)

Animal: the turtle

Body part: the left ankle

Everything that exists is in perpetual movement, from the most subtle vibrations to the heaviest and densest expressions of low frequencies, to the point that these extremes seem to be at rest. Movement is the energy that flows from the source and returns to it. . Transcendence is the quality of enduring what’s beyond time and space. This number is the total union of all the previous numbers, the last number represents inner knowledge, introspection, centrality and transparence, Wisdom of the Universe, Mother Earth, respect for all that exists, flourishes, and gives fruit.

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