P o p p i n g


Christmas is over and the New Year has started. And with this the constant explosions of firecrackers will also come to an end. Yes, they are fun, and they are pretty to stare at in the night. But some of them seriously sound like bombs going off right outside your room, at all hours of the evening, lit up by a 7 year old kid. And for those who have pets, Christmas is truly the scariest time of year for our furry friends. So yes, we love our “cohetes” but we are glad it´s over, see you till next year. Or until the next person on your street gets celebratory birthday firecrackers at 5am.


F lo p p i n g

Remembering Violence Against Women in Guatemala

After one of their worst seasons in the last few years, finishing 9th in a league of 12 teams our local team Xelaju is back in action. Preseason has started; there are a few new faces on the team and a few who have left. One of these new up and coming players is Mario Rodas a 14 year old Xelateco with a promising future. Last week after his first practice with the team, a group of players decided to give him the traditional “bautizo” or hazing. A few of the older players on the team pinned him down and tried to shave his hair off, but in the struggle to free himself, the bully players ended up punching and kicking him. This poor kid ended up having to go to the hospital with bruises and injured “cojones” .Now these same players are facing legal charges and the hopes of this young player might have been shattered. Come on guys, get your sh!t together, let’s play some soccer!



Here a few tips to start your very own veggie garden:

– Space. Observe your land. What resources are available? What is the orientation of the sun? Where does the water run off to? What kind of soil do you have? What things grow well in this climate? Where can I get seeds and soil?

– Compost. Create a space in your garden to separate all your food scraps, keep it moist and covered, turn it regularly and add dried leaves and grass clippings to balance out nutrients. Composting is a great way to create new fertile soil for you garden.

-Herbs and Lettuce. Start with these two. Herbs are used daily in the kitchen, and fresh herbs are always better. Most of them are also low maintenance and can have both medicinal and cooking uses. Lettuce as well is easy to grow and can be harvested many times.

-Variety. If you have enough space and soil and as your gardening skills improve experiment with as many plants as possible. Plant a variety of herbs, legumes, greens, and vegetables. If you still have room, plant some fruit trees. Also include flowers; these will attract beneficial insects to your garden. Experiment!

– Seeds! Seeds are the basis of your garden. Save your seed, share them around, what might not grow for someone can thrive under your care. Become a seed scavenger!


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