Xelajú MC Superchivos: Lookin’ Good at Mid-Season

Xelaju-Superchivos-logoThe first round of the current tournament ends on March 6th after the 11 accumulated dates. Each team, with the exception of Xelajú (having one match pending), will have played against all of the fellow teams that make up the Liga Nacional. The 2nd round will better determine the top spots in the standings and wrap up the classification phase.

Xelajú MC: February was an active month for the hometown club with two visits to Guatemala City to take on Municipal & Universidad San Carlos – and with good results! As a result, the Superchivos occupy one of the top spots in the standings of the classification phase. The club has achieved this result despite a modest team in which it has invested little and hopes to be in the middle of title contention. In March, Xelajú MC will have two important matches, one against Deportivo Suchitepequez – the classic rivalry of the southern highlands region, and another against Comunicaciones, its direct rival at the top of the standings.

Municipal: Municipal was able to battle its was to the middle of the standings, thus overcoming a crisis that could have cost the tenure of coach Jorge Habegger. The club racked up two consecutive victories (vs. Juventud Retalteca & Zacapa), which brought some calm to the club after having fired the assistant trainer Victor Hugo Monzon. Municipal is having its worst season start, stuck in next-to-last place. The situation must be tough to swallow for the defending champion.

Comunicaciones: Sharing the league lead with Xelajú MC, las Cremas are battling neck and neck to maintain their pace, doing well overall but suffering some tough mistakes, such as their surprise defeat suffered at the hands of both Deportivo Suchitepequez and Universidad de San Carlos. Regardless, the club stacks up – together with Xelajú MC – as the strongest in the tournament. In March, they’ll play the Capital Classic against Municipal on the season’s 15th match-up. In the first go-round, Municipal won the rivalry by beating Comunicaciones 2-1.

The National Team: Because the national team hasn’t played for 8 months due to its failure to classify for the World Cup, the ‘all-stars’ will resume its activities by playing a friendly match against its counterpart from El Salvador. Interim coach Francisco Melgar, currently in charge of the Under-17 team, began its work in two mini cycles during the last part of February. The match will take place in the Los Angeles Coliseum on March 3rd, 2010. Currently Guatemala holds its lowest FIFA ranking ever in the past 15 years. Its Central American rivals are all higher up in the rankings.

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