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Your April 2010 topics are:

  • POPPING: Non-smoking law is working
  • FLOPPING: Non-road construction
  • Letters 2 the Editor

thumbs-up-popppingPOPPING: Non-smoking

Though the XelaWho Senior Executive Editorial Board is split on the issue, a narrow majority is stoked that the law banning smoking in public is working. While most laws in Guatemala tend to be wishful thinking, this one appears to be working surprisingly well one year after coming into effect. This despite only 7 businesses in the entire country being cited for violating the law and a big fat zero here in Xela. Now if we can just apply the law to ’83 Toyota pick-ups…


FLOPPING: Non-road construction

If you spend any time in Zona 3, it’s pretty hard to avoid the main artery 4a Calle. In February, the powers that be decided to rip up the pavement to expose the old street – which was 90% potholes instead of the usual 50%. Then they let it sit for over a month. As of this writing, some new pavement had been laid on part of the stretch of construction with a long way to go. Why was it so easy to make the road worse yet so hard to make it better?

You’d think that a rage-provoking, lightning-rod publication like ours would get tons of letters to the editor. Hardly. Given that we average about two per year, we were stunned to get a whopping two this month alone.

Dear XelaWho,
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Dear XelaWho,
Greetings from an English national, Spanish resident, Americas wandering vagabundo. Just passing through Xela doing some tourist stuff. With my 2-ton 4×4, kayak on top and bicycle rusting merrily to the rear. Picked up your sweet little rag, good work chaps, few more articles, bit less bumf would be even better…

[Editor’s note: Bumf? You’ve stumped these chumps. Continued in this month’s ¿Qué onda vos? article.]

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