Spotlight On: A Series on Culture & The Arts

“Spotlight On” is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on all things cultural & artistic in Xela and Guatemala. The topic for April 2010 is: The Band Triskell by Diana Pastor.

“International”, “historical”, “originals” and “with hot but smooth rhythm” are some of the words used to describe the music of Fabio & Simona, members of the Italian duo Triskell. The two musicians have been playing in places such as La Sastrería, Blue Night, Chatbar and Thursdays at Romanos.

Triskell, previously known as Pachamama, a name that Fabio and Simona gave themselves while they were in Ecuador, is a group that plays a repertoire of songs from bands as varied as Sting, U2, Tracy Chapman & Pink Floyd. Although they also have their Latin streaks, as now and then they will interpret Maná or other Latin artists. They have made a mix consisting of their own tastes as well as those of their fans.

How did the group get started, and why does Xela have the opportunity to hear them? Before Fabio and Simona were a group, she sang in a group whose bassist left. Later, Fabio replaced the former bassist to round out the band. Together with three other band members, the group played rock music.

But then in 2004, Fabio and Simona left Italy for a trip to Burkina Faso. Due to their love and passion for the music there, they stayed to play, doing ad hoc concerts and also being invited to do local radio shows.

Later they came to Guatemala and were invited to participate in an event last September at Teatro Municipal together with other Xela musicians. The duo were thrilled with the music culture they found here as well as the public so receptive to their music.

Fabio and Simona have interesting expectations for their musical career. They want to continue being different, cross new frontiers and visit other parts of Guatemala in order to have direct contact to new fans who can appreciate the particularity of their brand of music.

And what is the meaning of the name “Triskell”? It is an ancient Celtic symbol that relates to the mind, body and spirit, as well as to the three elements: fire, land and water; and to the three positions of the sun. The symbol consists of three spirals that rotate to the left and possesses a relation to the Mayan culture (in this case it also means growth, evolution and life).

In this way, Triskell seeks to unify and exchange common elements between the cultures of Europe and Guatemala.

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