Juanito the Gardner

 by Juan Jardinero

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”
– Claude Monet.

Your garden can also be an amazing place, but it will require some work, time and patience as you engage in a friendly battle with nature. Grant yourself the permission to learn through trial and error yet be sure that with time your plants will respond positively to your care. Space will always limit how big and diverse your garden can be, but regardless of whether you have a few pots on a balcony or a big back yard, you too can become inspired to grow your own food. And in order to keep you motivated here are a few reasons why Juanito “The Gardener” thinks gardens are a must.

1. An organic garden can nourish your body chemical-free fruits and vegetables, and while uplifting your spirit by giving you the opportunity to take care of yourself and the environment.

2. Flavor is everything. Growing your own food will allow you to enjoy fresh vegetables that can be picked ripe, rather than supermarket groceries that have been transported for miles and harvested early before they have a chance to realize their full flavor. If you need proof just try a home grown tomato it tastes like nothing else.

3. Want to start a revolution? Gardening can be a strong political stance against the corporate food systems that often exploit animals and natural resources for the sake of profits. Growing your own food is the best form of protest and can help you actively participate in shaping the world you want.

4. Kitchen gardens can also be a valuable contribution to the household budget, when times are tight, having some fresh or cooking greens at hands reach can help you save some quetzalitos.

5. Starting a garden allows you to make better health choices. Eventually leading to a greater interest in what you put in your body as you form a more thoughtful relationship between your garden and the food you eat.

6. And last but not least, gardening will definitely increase your level of coolness tenfold.
Remember, it won’t be a chore it will be a garden.


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