May 2010 Issue: Our Annual May Issue

58-web-coverThe idiom “April showers brings May flowers” totally does not apply here in Xela. Better said would be “Non-stop torrential May rains brings many nights of ordering Pollo Campero.” And, con razon: why would you bother getting soaked when you could sit in bed with a bucket of fried chicken on your chest?

There’s even a phrase for the sloth brought about by the onset of the May rains: el malo de mayo (the sickness of May). This very real phenomenon denotes the tendency for mass illness to occur after the rains knock into the sewers the muckety muck which has been accumulating in the five-plus months of the dry season.

So, other than the rain and your impending trip to el hospital (and the obligatory Facebook “me in the hospital photo album” is there any reason to stick around in Xela? The answer is a resounding Y-E-S.

We are now in the heart of mango season—that means baskets full of ripe, delicious mangoes. Is there a better snack to carry around in your backpack? We thought not.

Another delicious fruit we totally recommend checking out is the ubiquitous orange. With a Q10 plastic orange juicer that can be found at La Demo or Plastilandia (also in La Demo) and a little bit of elbow grease, you can wake up each morning to a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice. Re-use your agua pura bottle and you can enjoy this all day—just make sure not to mix up that bottle with the one containing the results of your urine sample—the consequences will not be pretty.

Hikers should also take advantage of the relative calm in the weather at the beginning of the month. Now is a great time to hike Santa Maria—if you time it right you can avoid both the dust of the pre-rain and the mud of the post-rain. Granted, if you like Woodstock-style mud mania, a hike in the middle of the rain provides for an unforgettable experience. Also, pneumonia.

Now is also a good time to take advantage of a number of the lesser-known hikes. Have you been to La Muela? What about El Torre in Cantel? Have you considered hiking to any of the bath houses in Zunil? In Xela’s mountainous valley there is no shortage of hikes or bike rides for the outdoorsy spirit.

Finally, there is that age-old question: what else would you do if not for chilling in Xela?

Fill out grad school applications? Work at a “real job?” Stare longingly out the window at children playing whilst you are chained to a desk make sure that all of the expense reports are in order while going blind due to the harsh fluorescent lighting?

We thought so.

So plop a couple extra mangoes in your knapsack and fill up your cup with the best coffee in the world; May is going to be the best month ever—or at least the best three-lettered month of the year.

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