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We remember not too long ago when pirated movies at La Demo were going at the rate of Q15 each or 2 for Q25. Whether it’s competition or a drop in the cost of production, you can now score your pirated flicks for Q10 or 3 for Q25.

Movie quality seems to be up as well. Recently, we bought a flawless copy of Precious. Now, if someone could just explain what’s up with those occasional Russian subtitles…


FLOPPING: What was once an occasional truck announcing the presence of a circus or a beer special has transformed into a monster of ear-drum splitting proportions.

Seemingly every product from Gallo the soap to Gallo the beer now has a van that drives around town waking up residents with awful reggaeton music and announcements that you should use the product in question.

In an ideal Xela there would be an ordinance to prohibit this sort of public nuisance, but sadly this is not the case. We can only pray that a band of baseball bat wielding locals finally snaps and returns Xela to (relative) peace and quiet.


Clearly, we were not paying attention in physics class…

There is some property in the circular stone rotunda that creates a crazy echo when you stand in the center and talk. As a heads-up, you are the only person who hears the echo, everybody else will just stare at you as you talk to yourself.

What is that property? We are not sure, however, we are offering a shiny gold star to any science-types who are able to explain what’s going on to us. A similar gold star will be provided to the best pseudo-science answer (ghosts, etc.) as well. Email your guesswork to and we’ll publish the best responses in next month’s issue.

If you want to experience the echo up close and personal make sure to get your timing down. This particular rotunda is encircled by stone benches which is the top hangout for emo teens who will certainly crack jokes about you and perhaps throw things. Likewise, should the rotunda be surrounded by abusive drunks it is best to avoid visiting during that time. In general, a mid-afternoon stroll is best for avoiding both of these annoyances.

Also, it should be noted that absolutely zero native Quetzaltecos are found standing in the middle of the rotunda.  So, considering that this visit will mark you as a grade-A noob you might as well do this in full backpacking regalia.

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