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Whatever Happened to Theme Parties?

Those of us who remember Xela in 2009 know that there were piles and piles of theme parties. 70’s/80’s Nights, Paca Parties, Other Creative Ideas.  The Editors of this fine rag have noticed a distinct lack of theme parties in 2010 to our disappointment. [Click on the link for details on the XelaWho sponsored theme party on Friday, June 11, 2010.]

Now, it’s totally possible to overdose on theme parties, and we remember the Great Karaoke Brouhaha of 2009 where seemingly every Thursday night featured 150 different venues offering the chance to wail alongside a pre-recorded Marco Antonio Solis, but a good theme party gets creative minds into some very creative outfits.

Therefore, we will use the bully pulpit of the XelaWho editorial pages to advocate for more and better theme party nights throughout our fine city.

In the interest of putting our money where our mouth is, we hereby announce THE FIRST-EVER XELAWHO SPONSORED THEME PARTY EVER!!!! The theme is going to be MASQUERADE, so make your own mask out of something creative. We will do this at OJALA on FRIDAY, JUNE 11TH at 9:00 PM.

Everyone got that on their calendars?  That’s Friday, June 11th; 9 PM; Ojala.  We’re going to be bringing back the theme party, one construction paper mask at a time.  Just don’t make it out of a plastic bag and suffocate to death.  That would be a total bummer.


POPPING! World Cup Fever

Obviously, we here at XelaWho are not now, nor have we ever been fans of working hard.  Consequentially, a month that we can spend watching football and drinking beer ranks high on our list.  In fact, we’ve been preparing for this for a month watching football and drinking beer for all of May.  So you could say that we’re in pretty good football condition for June.

30 glorious days!

thumbs-down-floppingFLOPPING! The U.S. State of Arizona

If any US state is una mierda, it is the state of Arizona which has just approved a draconian new law targeted at undocumented immigrants which requires, among other things, that they constantly keep all of their paperwork proving their citizenship on them at all times.

Who is opposed to this? Pretty much everyone, including anti-immigrant ex-US Rep. Tom Tancredo, a man Jon Stewart says is “who Mexican parents tell their kids about to get them to eat their vegetables.”

Massive boycotts of Arizona have begun to protest against the modern-day ‘Jaime Crow’ Laws.

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