Daytripper: Romantic Couples Trips

Daytripper is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on day trips within easy reach of Xela. This June 2010 issue focuses on romantic local getaways for couples.  By Alyssa Huff

Couples rejoice! There’s a great afternoon, or night, date spot just a hop skip and jump away from Xela that isn’t just grabbing a cone in Parque Central or stuffing yourself way beyond satisfecha at Sabor de la India. Las Cumbres (the peaks) just down the road from Zunil offers breathtaking views, natural hot-spring sulfur saunas, and massages that take traquilo to a whole new level. Originally built to grow mushrooms because of the abundant natural geothermal vapors, Las Cumbres utilizes the landscape of the region, to create grounds with hints of volcanoes and milpas at every turn but also a universally chic spa.

Las Cumbres offers spa services, as well as a restaurant and hotel. For those in need of a complete romantic rehab (and with ganas to put their money were their heart is), there are rooms outfitted with natural hot spring Jacuzzis, chimneys, private baths, use of communal steam baths and saunas, and even sporting facilities, all named after important towns in the department of Quetzaltenango. Rooms run from 350-450Q a night, but you can’t put a price on luxury right?

For those lovers out there earning their wages in Quetzales (or earning that feel-good volunteer wage), the Las Cumbres Spa offers great options for a day trip or even an afternoon. Hop on a camioneta with your honey to Zunil, and then gallantly hail a pickup to exit 210 (or just say Las Cumbres, the driver should know). Kick things off with a romantic thirty-minute stint in the sauna and then break, for simultaneous massages of your choosing. Massages with hot volcanic rocks, aromatic bags of herbs, bamboo, or done in the Swedish style (the most relaxed folks in the entire Scandinavian Peninsula) will rest your mind, cleanse your pores, and relax your muscles.

The grounds also sport natural sulfur springs and Jacuzzis to cuddle up in and whose natural water contains properties that helps relax muscles, clarify pores, and revitalize organs (can anyone say corazon?) Top off a lovely day with a fresh, organic, and toxin-cleansing treat at the restaurant, or bring a picnic to share while you enjoy the view. Massages run 225Q to 250Q, while lunches and dinners will cost you around 70Q and refreshing juices around 25Q. Sauna services are 7:00 am to 7:00pm, which is perfect timing, since the last camioneta to Xela drives by at 7:00pm—catch it before the exhaust fumes harsh your mellow!

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