July 2010 Issue: Five Years of XelaWho

Five years, where has the time gone? It seemed like just yesterday it was2010-60-XelaWho-cover 2005 when your XelaWho was brought to life by proud father Lucas Vidgen and equally proud mother Impresiones Modernas Print Shop.  Now, the little babe is ready to get its first (metaphorical) backpack and have its first (metaphorical) day at school.

But for you, dear reader, if you’ve been reading along for the past five years you most definitely have received a Ph.D. in life by perusing our pages. Are we the most influential magazine of all-time?  Certainly not. But, are we in the top 250,000 most influential magazines of all time? Chances are good.  And for that we deserve kudos.  Having made it to the magical “half a decade mark” it’s time to reminisce on some of the most important moments in the history of this fine rag:

May 2005: Actual first edition of XelaWho is published on 1,000 rolls of toilet paper.  While popular with diarrhea-prone travelers, the avant-garde format is discontinued in favor of founding an “actual magazine”.

December 2005: First ever Christmas Tortilla Gift Guide recommends the perfect tortillas to buy for all the names on your list.

February 2006: Leap year totally messes us up.  Turns out it was in ‘04.

September 2006: Price change from Q500 per issue to Q0 per issue gets us our first reader.

July 2007: Absentminded guest editor forgets that Independence Day in Guatemala is September 15 and not July 4 and is run out of town after the shoddily researched “Independence Day Issue” is poorly received.

November 2007: In printing error, “2,000 copies of a 52 page magazine” somehow becomes “52 copies of a 2,000 page magazine”, thus producing the longest XelaWho ever written.

September 2008: Cynthia Ord becomes the editor of XelaWho with the shortest last name in the history of XelaWho editors.

January 2009: Everyone was pretty pleased with this issue if we do recall.

Rumphtweeg 2009: Seeking to increase magazine distribution, the month of Rumphtweeg is temporarily created.

February 2010: Leap year messes us up again. Columnist in charge of the calendar is sacked.

July 2010: After sobering up from a long night of “working on the XelaWho” your team of writers and editors gears up for the next five years.

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