World in Briefs: More News, Less Reading

worldpicHere’s the nutty news for June, 2010.  Among other things, New Zealand played host to the The the Seventh Annual “Nude Rugby” tournament with the Nude Blacks defeating the Welsh Leeks to win the title…


Unceremoniously, the Norfolk District Council has banned the traditional game of “dwile flonking” just as the first ever national championship was about to take place.  The game is played by flinging a beer-soaked rag towards the face of an opponent. If the player misses twice then he or she must down a pint of ale.  Despite claims that the game has been played since medieval times the District Council cited health and safety concerns as the reason for the ban.

New Zealand

The Nude Blacks defeated the Welsh Leeks to win the Seventh Annual “Nude Rugby” tournament .  The brainchild of rugby enthusiast Ralph Davies, the tournament drew over 2,500 fans who came to watch rugby and, well, nudity.  The tournament was held in Dunedin, a university town and attracted a large number of university students.  “Dunedin students are well known for getting their kit off and running around, so that’s how the idea started and it’s really blown up since then,” said Davies.  Despite the lack of clothing there have been no injuries.


Paul the Octopus, who lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany is receiving attention for having accurately predicted the results of all of Germany’s World Cup matches.  Handlers placed flags of Germany and its opponent in opposite corners of Paul’s tank, and he swam towards the winning team’s flag three times in a row, including Serbia’s upset of the German national team.  Until Germany is eliminated the aquarium says that Paul will continue to make picks.


The Hunan Province has created a five-member commission to ensure that statuettes of Mao accurately depict the former Chinese leader.  Statues will be judged to ensure that his hairstyle, dress, and facial features accurately represent his appearance.  Statues that do not conform to the commission’s standards, or statues that are made of plastic or composition brass will be incinerated and vendors may be sanctioned.  The commission was formed in response to tourists who complained of the wealth of poorly made Mao figurines.

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