¿Qué Onda Vos? A Series on Speaking Guatemalan Spanish

“¿Qué onda vos?” is XelaWho’s a monthly guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style. This month we’re looking at funny expressions.

Esa queda hasta el quinto infierno
LITERAL MEANING: That’s located in the fifth hell.
ACTUAL MEANING: That’s very far away.

¡Que higados!
LITERAL MEANING: What a liver!
ACTUAL MEANING: That’s very brave!

Ser lleno de babosadas
LITERAL MEANING: To be full of dribble.
ACTUAL MEANING: To be a liar.

Tener los pantalones bien puestos
LITERAL MEANING: To have the pants well located.
ACTUAL MEANING: To be in control.

Estoy como La China
LITERAL MEANING: I’m like the Chinawoman.
ACTUAL MEANING: I’m very angry.

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