¿Qué Onda Vos? A Series on Speaking Guatemalan Spanish

“¿Qué onda vos?” is XelaWho’s a monthly guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style. This month we’re looking at funny expressions.

No ser ni chicha ni limonada
LITERAL MEANING: To be neither liquor nor lemonade
ACTUAL MEANING: To not have a definite religion

Bajo de agua
LITERAL MEANING: Under the water
ACTUAL MEANING: Under the table (to pay someone illegally/secretly)

Consultar con la almohada
LITERAL MEANING: To consult with the pillow
ACTUAL MEANING: To sleep on it/To think it over

Ser dos que tres
LITERAL MEANING: To be two that three
ACTUAL MEANING: To be okay/To be so-so

Estar de malas pulgas
LITERAL MEANING: To be of bad fleas
ACTUAL MEANING: To be cranky

Quemar el pan
LITERAL MEANING: To burn the bread
ACTUAL MEANING: To cheat on someone

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