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Scares & Struts

July is shaping up to be an excellent month for cultural events.  On the 5th of July we have a National Salsa & Bachata Competition to look forward to – so for those that want to be wowed by some jaw-dropping dance moves, check out p15 for details & get yourself a ticket!

At midnight on Saturday 19th, Teatro Roma will be hosting a special performance of the famous fright-fest play The Woman in Black. Having seen this play before, albeit in English, I can confirm that it is indeed pant-wettingly scary – so if that’s something you’re into (horror stories, not peeing your pants) then make sure you get yourself a ticket in advance as it’s most likely to sell out. Tickets are Q70 before 13th July, Q100 after.


F lo p p i n g

Theatre Motorcross…?!

It’s hard to even know where to start with this one. A story so absurd that we don’t even need to attempt to take the piss out of it. Some background: the Centro Cultural Miguel Ángel Asturias, more commonly known as the National Theatre, is Guatemala’s most important cultural centre. Pretty much all of Guatemala’s finest cultural events take place there. It was also designed by Efrain Recinos – Guatemala’s most famous & well respected contemporary architect, so the building itself is considered a national treasure & was designated National Heritage status in 2012.

Such an important Cultural Centre would be a perfect venue to hold…a motocross competition, right? Well, that’s what its Director, Carlos Estrada, seemed to think last month. And the competition was not only held outside in the grounds, but also right inside the Theatre itself. Can you guess how much the repairs are estimated to be due to this genius venture? Around Q100,000. Estrada was swiftly relieved from his position as Director, but has a budding career in motocross event management ahead of him.


The 2014 Fifa World Cup got off to a cracking start in June, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the remaining matches left in July.

Although the much-hyped English team performed so abysmally poorly that they couldn’t even blame their poor result on the referee this time round, there’s been lot’s of other shocking and exciting moments to keep even us disenchanted Englishmen happy, including:

– 2010’s Champions, Spain, getting knocked out at the group stage, in no small part due to an incredible 5-1 loss to 2010’s Runners Up the Netherlands. Vengeance is sweet!

– Uruguay’s Suarez getting peckish mid-match and going for a cheeky nibble out of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder.

– Latin America kicking ass in general (a whopping 7 teams through to the last 16), but particularly in the form of Costa Rica who scored amazing victories over both Uruguay and Italy – so apparently shocking that Fifa had 7 of their players tested for doping after their 2nd win. Because, apparently only the big names are supposed to win these matches.

According to the BBC, 2014 may have also statistically been  the best World Cup thus far –  with the highest average number of goals per match since 1958; 7 matches being decided in the last 5 minutes; 44% of the games ending in only a one goal margin; and a record 83% of games ending in a definitive win.






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