Endorphin Fix

You’ve arrived in Xela, your body so finely honed and toned that its sheer beauty brings passersby to tears, and you cannot permit such a natural wonder to wither in neglect. Worry not, for the XelaWho staff has searched far and wide, walking upwards of one mile, to find the best places to get all sweaty and admire yourself in the mirror.

Shaddai Gym
Tucked in the heart of Zona 1, at 4a Called and 15a Avenida, Shaddai’s biggest sell is its location. Working out is hard enough, but then to have to walk afterward? Please. At Q100/month, you share shoddy but functional equipment, in a slightly cramped space, with some quirky, friendly regulars. Weights are the focus here, although morning and afternoon aerobics classes boast bass-heavy music loud enough to blast the fat from your body.

T hrough doors opposite the Zona Militar (read: dusty field) in Plaza Ciana is a spacious gym with lots of quality weights and cardio equipment. Dynamix offers aerobics, tae-bo, spinning and pilates, and is popular with that small minority of women who don’t enjoy being constantly stared at and hit on in cramped quarters. Add in the impressive array of posters with juicy bodies in ‘80s garb, and the Q150/month is quite fair.

Two blocks north and one west of Dynamix, Galeno’s is your luxury option at Q200/month. Boasting two floors of brand new equipment, an impressive list of classes, a sauna and – yes – inspiring wall décor, this gym is dialed.

El Complejo Deportivo
The complex next to Terminal Minerva charges little and is full of options for non-stationary workouts, including swimming, running, basketball, tennis, volleyball and more.

This isn’t even to mention the yoga, tai chi, capoiera and boxing going on around town (all in due time, my friends). Gyms are generally open from 6AM-9PM, so pick one and help keep Xela beautiful. 

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