Xela vs. Antigua

It’s been said before: You’re either a Xela person or an Antigua person. There’s not a whole lot of crossover, but some people still just don’t get it. So we’ve taken it on ourselves to compile the definitive, indisputable set of reasons as to why Xela is a far, far better place to live. Check it out:

1 Nightlife. Even though (like the rest of Guatemala) Xela has the ill-conceived and highly impractical Ley Seca (Dry Law), meaning that bars and discos have to close at 1am, in Antigua they have to close at 10pm. Ten. I’ve got grandparents who like to party later than that.

2 Language Learning. There are people who actually live in Xela who speak Spanish as a first language. I think you can see where we’re going on this one.

3 Eating Out. In Xela, restaurants don’t automatically add a 10% “tip” to the bill. Here at XelaWho we believe that voluntary tipping promotes good service. By logical extension, what do you think compulsory tipping promotes?

4 Volunteering. In Xela, EntreMundos charges Q25 to hook you up with volunteer work (or you can check their website for free). In Antigua, Proyecto Mosaico’s prices start at US$55 for the same service. That’s right. Dollars.

5 Crime. It’s a 40 minute drive from Guatemala City to Antigua, but a good four hours from the capital to Xela. Where do you think the gangbangers travel to when they want to rob tourists?

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