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Mayan Atlantis

Guatemala never ceases to amaze us with its wonders. There´s often talk about the mysterious forgotten Mayan city that lies at the bottom of Lake Atitlan, but no one really knew much about it. Until now. This year a documentary called Mayan Blue (“Samabaj: La Atlantida Maya” in Spanish) was released, which charts the discovery and exploration of the 2000 year-old lost city, Samabaj. It links the investigation to the Mayan cosmovision and a catastrophe that fundamentally reshaped everything they believed about the earth and the origins of their underworld. National Geographic showed the Spanish version for the first time in August and will most likely be showing repeats which you can watch if you have a TV. You can also find a copy of the Spanish version on Youtube.


F lo p p i n g

Drought Emergency

So XelaWho may have been a bit presumptuous in last month´s edition when we published an article that mentioned the woes of the rainy season under the assumption that the canícula, which had already lasted much longer than normal at the time of writing, couldn´t possibly last well into August as well.

Well, mother nature proved us wrong and here we are writing at the end of August when yesterday the Guatemalan government announced a state of emergency in 16 of the 22 departments of the country as the number of families affected by the drought climbed to over 230,000. Meanwhile in Nicaragua a government minister has recommended that affected families who have found themselves without enough food to eat should try a diet of lizards and iguanas in order to avoid going hungry. It must be so reassuring to know he´s got their backs.

So you may want to think twice about promoting the waste of water if someone nominates you for this rather ridiculous ice bucket challenge.


August brought us the sad and tragic news of the death of one of Hollywood´s brightest stars and comedy´s greatest talents. It´s hard to imagine a childhood without films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin or Jumanji. And that´s not even considering some of his fantastic performances in classics such as Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting.

However, anyone who´s been fortunate enough to watch Robin Williams´ stand-up, or even just the crazy energy and unbelievable improv abilities he exuberated in just about every interview and talk show he ever did, will know that Robin´s true talent was in rib-splittingly funny comedy. He sure knew how to put a smile on people´s faces. So in honour of his genius, here´s a few of his greatest stand-up jokes:

“Do you think God gets stoned? I think so … look at the platypus.”

“Cocaine is God’s way of saying that you’re making too much money.”

“People say satire is dead. It’s not dead; it’s alive and living in the White House.”

“I wonder what chairs think about all day: “Oh, here comes another asshole.”

“Cricket is basically baseball on Valium.”

““God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.”

“They call it freebasing. It’s not free, it costs you your house! It should be called homebasing!”

“My God. We’ve had cloning in the South for years. It’s called cousins.”

Mr. Williams – you will be sorely missed.



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