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 Don’t eat and then go swimming.  Don’t go out in the rain without a jacket. Don’t take candy from strangers. All, are obvious maxims that you’ve no doubt heard from various parent-like figures over the course of your life. Here at XelaWho we are about to add another one: Don’t eat ten quetzales’ worth of churros and then get onto the carnival rides.

       Seemingly obvious, your XelaWho editor fell victim to this last year when  he bought a sack of delicious, delicious churros (that friends immediately backed out on eating) and then got on a number of rapidly spinning rides (that “friends” immediately steered us to.

       Though the fairgrounds were not coated in vomit, there was a three-day stomachache provoked by this incident.

       Therefore, good citizens/backpackers of Xela, here this new bit of folk wisdom in math form:

Churros + Carnival Rides = Disaster

       XelaWho strongly endorses both the delicious (though, possibly parasite-laden) fair food as well as the terrifyingly unregulated carnival rides. However, we endorse these as separate experiences and not as two things that should be done back to back. Take our word for it: post-churro make sure you spend some time playing the games—not riding the rides.


thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

Tortrix de Guacamol


We’ve long preferred buying choco-bananos and chuchitos to the bags of salt, transfat and unregulated additives known as Tortrix. But, even we have been impressed with the new-ish Tortrix de Guacamol now carried by many of Xela’s finer Tortrix providers.

       Clearly, this isn’t exactly like a big bowl of guacamole, but it does come freakishly close and is definitely worth the Q1.50

       This marks a big step forward in our books for the Tortrix folks whose other flavors (pork, spicy, lemon) leave a little something to be desired. If we could just get a pico de gallo flavor we’d be in heaven.


thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Post-Feria Garbage

We are big feria fans, but we are decidedly no big fans of feria garbage. After parades and on the fairgrounds the clean up crews almost need bulldozers to handle the vast piles of garbage that get left.

       Please! Fair-goers! Use the trash cans or use your pockets. Don’t ruin the fairgrounds for everyone.

       We admit it: we love Tortix de Guacamol, but those wrappers on the ground we could do without.

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