World in Briefs: More News, Less Reading

Here’s the nutty news for September, 2010.  Among other things, a man punched a polar bear in the nose, following an Inuit elder’s advice.


Wilderness guide Wes Werbowy survived a recent encounter with a polar bear by punching the bear in the nose. While on a photography expedition, Werbowy awoke to find a thousand-pound bear outside his tent. Remembering advice given to him by an Inuit elder, that the polar bear’s weakest point is its nose, he punched the bear which then fled. Werbowy called this the perfect ending for all parties involved: he wasn’t eaten by the bear, nor was the bear shot and killed.


The Peruvian government is currently seeking bat hunters who would be able to help with the nation’s rabies outbreak. Vampire bats have been attacking humans in areas with high deforestation due to a loss of animals commonly preyed upon by the bats.  Over 500 have been bitten by rabid bats and four have died as a result. Peruvian health official Jose Bustamante reported that a massive anti-rabies vaccination campaign is underway and that mosquito nets are being given to villagers to avoid the spread of rabies via night time bites.

Northern Ireland

If all goes well, farmer William Taylor may have discovered a new way to meet the world’s growing energy needs. Inspired by watching his cows just stand around, Taylor invented a bovine treadmill. According to his prototype, if the entire world population of cows are hooked up to the treadmills for eight hours a day that should be enough to power 6% of Earth’s energy needs. The treadmill is set at an angle so if cows stop walking then they will fall over.


UFO researchers rejoiced when the government of Brazil declared that it would make public its reports of flying saucers and the like.  Juniti Satio, the chief of the Brazilian Air Force, said that the air force would release its log of suspicious and paranormal citations.  Satio suggested that this would also be a benefit to the Brazilian Air Force which lacks both the personnel and funding (and desire?) to investigate the validity of the different reports.  According to the newspaper O Dia, a former Brazilian president is said to have seen a UFO.

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