Why Is This Popular?

Tweety bird stickers on furniture.  By Steve Mullaney

If you have gotten invited into a typical family home for a typical family meal then you have probably discovered a typical family décor: Tweety Bird stickers.  Everywhere…typically.

Now, I hardly want to come off as a cultural imperialist—it’s possible that when traveling there are a great many folks who are shocked by the lack of Tweety Bird stickers everywhere.  Maybe Tweety Bird stickers are the norm and I’ve missed out on the cutting edge of design and decoration.

If you look on most any television, dresser, or large wooden thing then you are more likely than not to find Tweety, Taz and a number of mid-90’s has-been cartoon characters.  Why?  Well, research thus far has been inconclusive, but these are our most likely theories in explaining this phenomenon:

1) Have run out of places to put stickers bought by the dozen.  If you have a cousin who sells Tweety stickers then you will eventually need to purchase some, well, many.  And after putting them on your notebooks, your calendar and your fridge you might as well put them on your furniture right?

2) Some sort of ancient curse involving Tweety stickers and the death of the first-born son. Think Moses in Egypt meets chupacabras meets stickers.  We optioned this description to some local movie studios and there will be a Guatemalan horror movie made that will be on sale in the Demo by November featuring the Mosescabra.

3) Furniture here made with stickers, sticker-free furniture sells at a 20% premium.  Given market conditions, it’s not surprising that a large number of people choose to save on their household expenses by buying furniture pre-covered in stickers. This is totally the invisible hand of the market at work.

4) An “Emperor’s New Clothes” type phenomenon where everyone chooses to ignore the stickers. For real. If you ask about the stickers your hosts will scoff at you—but then silently admit to themselves that they too can see the stickers and are quietly going crazy.

Well, those are the dominant theories that are spinning around the newsroom at this moment. As a good guest make sure to bring a cake or something similar, as well as a fresh sheet of Tweety stickers. It’s the polite thing to do.

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