TOPIC: Stray Dogs. By XelaWho staff

POINT:  Stray Dogs Are A Source Of Annoyance In Xela

In Guatemala’s second-largest city there are a shameful number of stray dogs that run around on the streets. These dogs, abandoned by irresponsible owners, overturn trash cans, frighten children and are a general nuisance to all. Considering that Xela is trying to position itself as a modern city that is a top tourist destination, the stray dog problem needs to be solved.

Recently, while trying to give a friendly pat on the head to a dog, three Dutch tourists were bitten by a stray dog and had to go to the hospital to receive a frightening series of injections. There needs to be an animal control agency that can handle these animals.

Ideally, some sort of animal shelter can be built that tries to place strays with families that will love them and handles nuisance and rabid animals. Such a shelter could be funded by the municipality and could receive both local and international volunteers. Given the high number of volunteers and animal lovers in Quetzaltenango I believe that such a venture would be an overwhelming success.

COUNTERPOINT:  Stray Dogs Are A Source Of Protein In Xela

Given the recent increases in price of ground beef, pork and chicken, all residents of this fine city—whether temporary or permanent—should be thankful for Xela’s free source of protein: stray dogs.  Whether used to supplement your daily intake of protein or as a stand-alone meal, stray dogs are accessible for every budget and in such abundance that they can be farmed without fear of extinction.

We have all hosted a barbeque that has a sudden influx of unexpected guests. Typically when this happens all of the carnicerias are closed.  With hungry guests, what can be done when the food runs out? Hosts that are in the know make sure to always keep Q2 worth of doggy treats in a plastic bag at all times in order to plan for such social emergencies.

There are probably many readers who are slightly horrified and thinking: “Can I serve stray dog without guacamole?”  The answer is a resounding yes.  This is a meal that tastes equally fine with curry, teriyaki or the traditional guacamole.  Buen provecho.

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