Our favorite non-advertisers

We hate advertorial so much we do the opposite.

You know, one of the suckiest things about tourist mags is when you’re reading this great review for a restaurant or whatever and then you turn the page and there’s a big ad for that restaurant. Then you read another glowing review for a different place and bang, a big ad for them as well.

Here at XelaWho, we don’t play that game. We believe it insults the reader, destroys the magazine’s credibility and generally causes more trouble than it’s worth.

So. To prove how painfully hip we are, here are some of our all-time favorite businesses that don’t advertise with us, have never advertised with us and will probably never advertise with us.

The Bake Shop (18 Av & 1a Calle, Zona 3. Open Tuesdays & Fridays) This Mennonite-run bakery has a lock-down on the delicious, handmade baked goods market here in Xela. Carrot cake, wholemeal bread, jam-filled donuts and the delightfully-named Whoopee Pies are just some of the goodies you’ll find here.

Comida Taiwanesa (corner 8a Calle & 9a Av, Zona 1) A little hole in the wall joint down behind the central market , they do OK soy drinks (if you’re into that sort of thing) but the real star of the show is the Taiwanese Empanada – a deep fried, salty doughy delicacy that comes with a seriously spicy hot sauce.

Tobito’s (corner 14 Av & 1a Calle, Zona 3) There’s definitely plenty of pollo asado (let’s go with flame-grilled chicken as a translation) around, but this trailer that sets up outside the stadium dishes out some of the best, with a choice of tangy sauces as accompaniment. Get it to go, or chow down right there at the counter.

Almacen El Mundo (17 Av 0-46, Zona 3) Tired of cooking beans and eggs, then eggs and beans? Get down to this surprisingly well-stocked Asian supermarket nestled on the edge of La Democracia market for real wasabi powder, nori sheets, 8 types of soy sauce, rice vinegar, oddles of noodles and even jasmine rice.

Richie’s Lavandería (tel: 5011 8166) How much does this idea rock: A dial-it laundry service. For around Q40, Richie will turn up on his motorbike, haul away a big bag of your skanky linens, and bring them back, sweet smelling and lovingly folded.

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