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A Tale of Two Cable Cars

Regular readers of this column will remember the hilarious plan from a couple of years ago that involved running a cable car from El Baul to Cerro Candelaria and another back down to the Plazuela San Antonio in Zona 1. It was all very exciting and even had the backing of some guy claiming to be Prince von Sanchsen of Saxony (who abolished their monarchy back in 1918).

Surprisingly, the project never really found its feet.

The Volcan de Agua (outside of Antigua) is having better luck, though. In January 2011, construction will begin on a 3.5km gondola-style cablecar running from the small indigenous village of Santa María de Jesús to the volcano’s crater. It’s expected to transport around 12,000 passengers every weekend.

Once they get up there, there will be the obligatory zip line tours, snack bars, nature trails and even an amphitheater which will host concerts and theatrical productions.

There has not been any mention of how or if Prince von Sanchsen will be involved in the project.

thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

Long Way Home

HUGE props this month to this NGO based in Comalapa (near Chimaltenango) who are one of ten finalists in the BBC “World Challenge” competition, which looks for innovative grass-roots organizations.

Amongst other things, LWH is building a schoolhouse  entirely from recycled materials and trash like old tires and garbage-stuffed plastic bottles. For more info or to vote, see

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

4a Calle

The estimated 1% of readers who actually drive around here will be right behind us on this one – the whimsical, random roadworks along the city’s main thouroughfare, Zona 3’s 4a Calle are producing befuddling results, even in a Guatemalan roadwork context. Holes are excavated then abandoned, concrete slabs are left strewn in traffic lanes with no warning whatsoever. Whatever they’re doing, we hope it’s worth it.

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