P o p p i n g

Eighth Time Lucky

Football season is back into full swing and the matches for the Liga Nacional have got off to a cracking start… for the other teams. Sadly, it appears as though the Super Chivos still can´t find their mojo, which seems to have gone missing ever since their spectacular win of the Quinta Luna back in 2012.

This season has been going rather embarrassingly for Xelajú to say the least: of the seven games they played between October 25th and November 19th, they managed to win precisely… zero.

Still, it´s not over yet and it appears as though the team has broken their streak of bad luck (we´re hoping so anyway): they finally managed to score a 2-1 win over Petapa on November 23rd.

They´re currently in 7th place (out of 12), and so only need to move up by one in order to move forward to the next round, for which the top six teams will qualify. Come on Super Chivos – you can do it!


F lo p p i n g

Temperature Rollercoaster

The weather in Xela is generally pretty agreeable. Some cold nights now and then is far more preferable in our eyes than 24 hours of the sweltering heat that you find when you hit the coast.

But November´s weather has been crazy. Temperatures have swung from a toasty 26 degrees during the day, all the way down to a testicle-freezing 2 degrees at night time – often all in the space of just 24 hours. This means leaving home in the morning wrapped up in all the clothes you can find, then stripping down to a t-shirt come midday, before putting it all back on again after the sun goes down.

And if these temperatures have been playing havoc with your immune system, you´re not the only one. Doctors interviewed in El Quetzalteco have been advising to take precautions in order to both avoid getting the flu from the cold and getting sunburnt from the heat.

New Year Celebrations

Christmas isn´t the only thing we´ve got to look forward to in December. There´s also the New Year´s celebrations, which will hopefully be so good you won´t remember a thing about them.

There´s lots of options for New Year´s here in Xela and the surrounding areas. If you decide to stay in Xela, you can be assured of finding New Year´s parties in just about every bar and in all the streets as well. And, fingers crossed, our lovely friends at the Policia Municipal won´t feel the need to send everyone off to bed at 1am on this particular occasion, as is there standard practice every other night.

Another popular place to hit up for New Year´s is Lake Atitlan, for obvious reasons. If you´re feeling adventurous, you can sign up for Quetzaltrekker´s New Year´s Lake Atitlan trek, which leaves Xela on the 29th in order to arrive just in time for the parties on the 31st. For those that are into something a little more alternative, we recommend checking out Cosmic Convergence Festival, which will also be taking place in Lake Atitlan from December 30th through to January 1st. It will feature electronic & live music from around the world,  a visionary art gallery,  permaculture & green technology, Mayan ceremonies and medicines, yoga, cinema and much more.

Finally, the coast is also a popular choice. Monterrico is an especially good shout for the parties, but the (closer) options of  Champerico, Tulate, Sipicate and Tilapa can also provide the perfect spots for some decent new year´s celebrations, particularly if you can get a big group of people together.




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