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Traffic Lights:

The Saga Continues

Looks like our running commentary on Xela’s 40 new traffic lights is destined to keep running as it appears that the guy in charge of synchronizing them decided to spend the afternoon in the cantina instead.

After extensive testing on Zona 3’s 4a Calle, XelaWho has concluded that it is not humanly possible to catch two consecutive green lights in any vehicle known to man.

In fact, the lights seem to be anti-synchronized, meaning that with light to medium traffic it’s quite possible to catch a red at every one of the four traffic lights in a six-block stretch.

Funnily enough, around peak hour this leads to mayhem, unholy traffic jams and people doing crazy, illegal stuff as they try to get home or to work. And there’s not a traffic cop in sight.

A lot like how it was before the traffic lights, come to think of it.

thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

Low Temperatures

As winter really sets in with forecast temperatures as low as -11 Celsius (unconfirmed as we were snuggled up in bed in our jimmy jams) Xela’s version of the classic “Hot enough for ya?” is of course “¿Que tal el frio?”. If you’d like to maintain your Crazy Foreigner status, we recommend replying “¡Delicioso!” or putting a puzzled look on your face and asking “¿Frio… hay frio?”

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Hold Ups

Just as we were going to press we got word of an armed holdup at one of our favorite cultural Centers, La Botica. A word to Xela’s armed bandits here: Stickups are for banks, gas stations and liquor stores. Cultural Centers? No. Have some dignity. Choose your targets better.

On a serious note, we’d like to wish all the best to La Botica’s staff after what must have been a traumatic experience.

If you’d like to support La Botica (3a Calle, 15A-20 Zona 1), which regularly displays some of the most cutting-edge art in the city, go down and check out an exhibition, grab a delicious fusion meal at the attached Café RED or buy something from their Fair Trade Store.

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