You Need To Try This Crepes Place

by Steve Mullaney

Visitors to Xela need to do three things: climb Volcan Santa Maria, visit one of the fabulous natural hot springs and visit Crepas a, well, crepes restaurant. Crepas is not on the map, but it is definitely worth the trek out beyond the Tecun Uman statue and into Trigales. To wit: have you ever had an Oreo and cream cheese crepe? What about a pepperoni crepe? Thought not. These crepes are not simply a meal, they are art. In fact, I shellacked one and it is currently a statuette in my bathroom. In all caps, friends: STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND TRY THESE CREPES!

I really wanted to talk to the owners, but at no point did the rush slow down enough in the entire hour or so that I was there to get more than a few words in. Grateful Trigales residents are very appreciative of this hidden gem, though most took their crepes to go. It is a tiny restaurant – there are only four tables and maybe enough chairs for 15 or 20 people – but it’s well worth waiting for a table should you show up to a packed restaurant.

Should you make the trek out to Trigales you will definitely be rewarded not only in taste, but also in value. The Oreo crepe and the pepperoni crepe? Both Q18. In fact, all the crepes are between Q15 and Q20 and they come with what was, for us at least, bottomless coffee in little tiny glasses.

Crepas has some odd hours, it is open from 3 PM to 9 PM every day except for Wednesday. Therefore, it took me a while to get there because my crepe cravings usually come between 8 AM and 2 PM or after 10 PM or all day Wednesday. (Don’t worry, I’m getting professional help.) The neighborhood gets a bit sketchy after dark, so try to time your visit during daylight hours when buses are still running or make sure to have a cab lined up in advance.

To get there get to Pais (not Hiper, regular Pais) and catch a bus (Q1.25 by day/Q2 at night) that is going to “Trigales, Parqueo, Trigales”. NOTE: The other bus that leaves there goes to “Trigales, Jardines, Trigales”. Do not get on this one. Get off at “La Entrada” which is the first stop after the Tecun Uman statue. Walk a half block into Trigales following the bus route. Crepas is on your left. Otherwise, a cab is Q25-30 each way from the center.

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