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Culture Corner

Another busy month for the cuna de la cultura (that would be Xela, btw) as we see Ana Lucretia Sunum’s exhibition “Tiempos del Bosque” extended throughout April by popular demand. Click here for an interview with the artist. The Centro Cultural Chocoyos is doing its bit, too, with concerts by Guatemalan acts such as El Gordo, Lemus and the Horchata Regular Band plus a special presentation from Spaniard Ángel Vargas who mixes rock, bolero, country, swing, rumba, ska, bosa-nova and tango in a theatrical extravaganza not to be missed.

The other main cultural forces in town, Centro Cultural Monterroso and Casa No’j have a great line up of conferences and exhibitions this month, too. For details on all of the above and more, check our events calendar (left).

And it appears that the XelaWho kiss of death has struck again – less than two months after announcing our excitement at the reopening of the All New Infinito, we hear that Xela’s hippest hangout is downsizing operations considerably, and will only be opening for special events. Watch this space for our next victim.

thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

Fuentes Georginas

Good news for Highlands-based hot water lovers as everybody’s favorite thermal baths reopened for business in early March. Nine months in the rebuilding since the site was buried by mudslides after Tropical Storm Agatha, the facilities have all been improved and some welcome additions made. For more details, click here.

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g

Gross Political Cynicism

Pretty much everybody gave the thumbs-down to Sandra Torres, wife of current president Alvaro Colom as she unveiled her plan to get a divorce so as to be able to run for president. Guatemala’s constitution prohibits members of a president’s extended family from running for the presidency. Amongst the commentaries were “cheap soap opera”, “technical coup d’état” and “a Machiavellian divorce”.  It’s hard to see how anybody thinks that getting a divorce (particularly solely to sidestep the constitution) is a smart political move in such a religiously conservative country as Guatemala.

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