Xelajú MC Superchivos: Leaders Heading into the Post-Season

XelajuMClogoOur monthly update of the Xelajú MC Superchivos, the local professional soccer/football team.

After having competed in 21 matches, the team Xelajú MC Superchivos finishes the qualification stage of the season at the top of the standings, thanks to the last three victories it has garnered. The first win was vs. Deportivo Marquense, the team to which Xelajú has not lost in two years and against which our team has demonstrated a penchant to win both away at on home turf. This dates back to the 4th league title that Xelajú brought home on Marquense’s home stadium, Marquesa de la Ensenada.

The 2nd recent win this season was a defeat of Penarol La Mesilla at home, won with a one-goal difference thanks to David “Shaca Shaca” Espinoza

The 3rd victory taken by the long-haired crew was played at home against the Jaguars of Deportivo Heredia, a match in which the Superchivos spent all of the match looking for the goal but had to wait until the 59th minute when Gustavo Cabrera finished off the match with a header fed by Jonhy Cubero to give Xelajú MC the victory by the slimmest of margins. However the scoreboard could easily have shown higher numbers given that 5 shots on goal hit the posts and didn’t make it into the goal thanks to the excellent play from goalkeeper Jorge Estrada.

These results, combined with the poor showing by the team Municipal, allowed the long-haired crew to win the classification phase and without having to play a qualifying match to get in.

The team had to wait one year and 17 days to return to the top position in the tournament of the top national soccer league. And after the three final victories in a row, the highlands club achieved an historic classification in that a department-level club (i.e. not one from Guatemala City) has won this phase of the season since the short tournaments were established. By time you read this the Superchivos will have played their final match at Municipal and then they will have to wait until early December to find out their rival in the semifinal round of the post-season tournament. They will have the advantage of playing their first match as visitor and then ‘turn the key’ at their home monumental stadium, Estadio Mario Camposeco, which without a doubt will be packed with the most loyal fans in all of Central America.

We’ll close with the song of the month: the hymn La Barra del Sexto Estado by Miguel Ángel Pérez Sazo.

¡¡¡Vamos Xelaju!!!

Queremos la copa

La hinchada está loca y yo

Quiero verte Campeón

Yo te voy a alentar como todos los anos

Esa es mi ilusión quiero verte Campeón

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