La Ciudad de la Imaginación

by Alba Carrasco

La Ciudad de la Imaginación is a Guatemalan organization that promotes the production and research of contemporary art. We seek to stimulate critical reflection among communities at the local and international level, through a programme of public cultural events, including exhibitions, experimental spaces, seminars, talks and educational workshops.

Since Ciudad de la Imaginación was founded in 2010, we have been dedicated to promoting projects where art, social sensitivities, political events and culture intersect, creating a space for contemporary artistic creation.

We want to be an open space, which facilitates the fusion and convergence between different artistic mediums, activists and initiatives in the field of modern contemporary art; causing the existence of a kind of artistic laboratory that generates initiatives and facilitates inner drives; activating a different social and cultural fabric; and managing meeting points of interest between artists and public organizations.

What do we do?

Ciudad de la Imaginación has an exhibition gallery, which is a space dedicated to the exhibition of projects with a particular emphasis on those that stimulate critical thinking and dialogue. For us, contemporary art is more about the ideas behind the work, rather than the work of art itself. That is why, in our gallery, you will find artistic productions that invite you to decipher their possible meanings, seeking to motivate within us questions about what we see, about the artist, the context, the materials used to make it, the reasons why we think it was created, the reaction that stirs within us upon seeing it, etc.

Within Ciudad de la Imaginación´s space we also develop a programme of cultural and educational activities consisting of guided tours, talks, workshops, experimental spaces, and much more. These events are mostly free of charge and certainly activities that you cannot miss if you are looking for a quality cultural alternative in Quetzaltenango

APA Art & Design

Are you looking for a space to buy some special presents for your family and friends? APA Art and Design is a store dedicated to artistic projects, literature and design. A place full of alternative gift ideas that you can give to others or keep for yourself. Our shop brings together a range of works produced by artists, designers and other creative people at both the local and national level.

Proceeds from the sale of the products will help to ensure continuity of the kinds of activities, projects and artistic and cultural events that make Ciudad de la Imaginacion such a unique and innovative space that you yourself can (continue to) benefit from throughout the upcoming new year.

We invite you to come give us a visit, to get to know us and to become part of our space. By doing so you will come to appreciate that our space offers more than just a place to look at art, but that it also encourages you to feel, think and question. Paying attention to art can change things.

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