When it Rains…

webcoverWe don’t mean to be breaking any world-exclusives here, but our colleagues at the XelaWho Roadside Taco Stand and Meteorological Station inform us that there is a fairly good chance that the rainy season has actually begun. Telling signs: The gathering of dark clouds, followed by liquid falling from sky.

To anybody who hasn’t ridden one of these babies out, this may sound scary and wet and maybe even a little bit sad. But relax – what you probably experienced today (beautiful sunny morning followed by a couple of hours of flogging rain in the afternoon) is what you can generally expect for the next couple of months*.

And really, having such a rigid schedule to work to is kind of handy. You pretty much know that whatever you have to do you better get done in the morning, because stepping outside after lunch can be a very soggy affair.

Which is where the beauty of the rainy season comes into play – it’s kind of like afternoon house arrest, but you get the option to spend it sipping hot chocolate in a café, or zoning out in front of the TV or snuggled up in bed doing something much more interesting… and it’s all guilt-free because there’s no way you can be expected to go out in that now is there?

Other bonuses of the rainy season:

  • Keeps the dust down and all that volcanic ash from Santiaguito never seems to make it this far.
  • All those empty Tortrix packs that have been accumulating outside your house get magically washed away (although this can be counterbalanced by all the empty Tortrix packs from up the street getting washed down to in front of your house).
  • Wherever you are (as long as you’re not in Zone 2) you can feel smug about the fact that you’re not in Zone 2, where floodwaters seem to rise to a couple of meters in depth after the lightest of showers.

So take it like you will – in galoshes and industrial rainjacket or naked as a pagan – one thing’s for sure, the rain’s coming so you might as well get used to it.

* Although in the case of Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, etc, you can just extend the flogging rain part of the equation throughout the entire day.

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