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The Great Bar Migration

If you have wandered around Xela in the past month, then you may be wondering where your favorite bar has gone.  It seems as if the nightlife in Xela is playing a game of musical chairs and everything  is now in a new place.  Here’s a quick round up of all of the bars that have shifted spaces:

Arguile: After leaving its old location for a house up near the theater, Arguile has moved down to a house in the interior of the parking lot that is near Puente Los Chocoyos.  For those who have cars to park they can be left there until 1 AM for Q20 or all night long for Q30.

Palalife Klishe’ (AKA El Bar Gay): This has moved up the hill on 15th Ave and is just below the Ministerio de Educacion building.  If you hit La Democracia you’ve gone too far.

Mango’s: Has moved up the road on 14 Ave “A’ and is across the street from El Duende.

El Jar-ro: Xela’s best bar for nightly live rock is moving to the Paisaje Enriquez complex and is expected to open up shortly.

Student: The scenester Student Bar is now up near the theater, taking over the bar that used to be found kitty-corner to all of the churrasco stands.

With all of the bar switches it’s no surprise if your head is spinning a little bit.  Ignore the guide books and make sure to look up a little bit as you walk around looking for your favorite watering hole—just don’t look too far up or you’ll walk into a pole.

thumbs-up-popppingP o p p i n g

Beer Selection

There was a time where you could only find three beers in Xela: Cabro, Gallo and Moza.  There’s been a boom in beer recently.  Baltika, a delicious Russian beer that can be found at Wal-Mart, Heineken and even Budweiser are available at most places—to say nothing of Xela’s own local craft brews which can be found at Pool and Beer as well as a number of other local restaurants.  Any chance we’ll see hard cider anytime soon?

thumbs-down-floppingF lo p p i n g


Despite millions of quetzales invested in improving roads in the past few years the accompanying investment in drainage has not yet been there.  We are all used to the river that flows down 13 Avenida whenever it rains and the lake that forms in front of McDonald’s in Zone 3.  This year, however, it seems that no matter how little rain has fallen there are always monstrous puddles all around town at all hours of the day.  Who is behind this mess? Our best guess is that it’s the people who are now making a killing selling dry socks.

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