P o p p i n g

Guerrilla Gardeners

Rumor is a group of Xela locals and foreigners might be organizing themselves to green up and beautify their homes. A need to reclaim their knowledge of food is driving these subversive gardeners to plant their own munchies. And it seems like a perfect idea: a country blessed with plenty of rain and sun should be filled with gardens of luscious edibles. The idea is to volunteer helping others to set up their gardens, until they eventually make it your house – not a bad a tradeoff! So keep an eye open for groups of muddy, shovel carrying, machete wielding folks –  they are coming to get you.


F lo p p i n g

Oh Global Warming!

For years now we’ve complained about erratic weather. Well now it’s become very evident that mother nature has lost a few screws. First, right in the middle of the rainy season a two month drought!! For a country that expects between 7 and 8 months of rain every year, and depends greatly on local agriculture, missing out on 2 becomes a serious problem for farmers, especially subsistence farmers in the highlands. According to a recent report from the ministry of agriculture the production of corn dropped 42%. A huge drop in production – we are hoping this won´t affect the price of corn too drastically and we can still get 4 tortillas for one quetzal next year. Other things like beans, fava beans, squash and potatoes were also heavily affected by the drought.  Now in the dry and cold season, again we noticed that temperatures aren’t as cold as previous years; when Christmas was celebrated with foggy nights and temperatures below zero. But not this year. We have no meteorologists at XelaWho, but something is definitely up.


We sure you know how tired & sore you feel after hiking up a volcano. But somehow the satisfaction of having accomplished it,  which originally seemed impossible, makes walking like a sore penguin for a few days well worth it. Well now imagine doing this 37 times in 27 days! That’s right, hiking all 37 volcanoes in Guatemala, one the most volcanically dense countries in the world, where peaks range from 1027mts above sea level (Culma volcano/east coast: 3369ft) to 4220mts (Tajumulco/highest peak in Central America: 13,845ft). This gruelling challenge could have only been thought up by these four locos, with rock-hard legs and a great cause.

Meet the LOCOS: Xela resident: Steve Cook (USA), will be hiking for Habitat For Humanity Guatemala. Nico Marceca (USA), will be supporting Ninos de Guatemala, Reinhard Prosch (Germany) will be hiking for Integral Heart Foundation, and Luis Galindo (Guatemala) will endorse Asociación Q’ukumatz. These guys have been physically and mentally preparing for months & raising  as much money as they can to further their organizations’ missions. If you would like to donate and keep track of their progress,  please visit:

But if you’d like to join them for a day, on January 10 they will be hiking Laguna de Chicabal (2900mts) a mid size volcano located about an hour outside of Xela. If you are interested in tagging along and cheering these guys on, on what seems an impossible ordeal contact Steve at: 47406732 or write him an email at:  We hope to see you there!

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