Good Luck Catching A Superchivos Game

By: Jed Herrmann

In any other magazine this month’s column would probably start with an editor’s note like this:


Last month’s Superchivos article incorrectly stated the date of the team’s match versus Communicaciones. The match took place on August 21, rather than August 17 as stated in the article. XelaWho regrets the error.

But given that the magazine in question is your XelaWho (where the editorial board policy on corrections is tolerant of minor falsehoods and light slander), such a note isn’t necessary. In any case, one could debate whether a correction would be accurate, as at the time of publishing the game was scheduled for August 17. The raging correction or no correction debate aside, this exposes a unique feature of Guatemala’s futbol league: there isn’t really a fixed schedule of games.

This is not to say that a schedule of planned matches does not exist, because it does (in fact, that’s where I got the August 17 date). It is just that this game schedule doesn’t always reflect the reality. In fact, it rarely does: more than half of Xelaju’s games this season have not taken place at the originally scheduled time.

As a local expert explained: the league schedule is more of a guideline of future opponents than a literal schedule of when these contests will take place (though when I asked a team official about the change, he employed a common bureaucratic strategy: denying that any change had occurred). This can be generalized to something you already know if you’re reading this: schedule and timely aren’t synonyms with local officials.

Finally, when games do occur, the Superchivos are having a mediocre season. As of press time, they had the second least productive offense in the league (hard to win games without scoring goals*) and had yet to win an away game (which is problematic as these compose half of the schedule). On the bright side, they did manage to defeat Communicaciones in the aforementioned match and the coach has said he will resign if they don’t make the playoffs (a smart statement since he’ll be fired anyway if they don’t make it). In the coming month, the best chance to see a Superchivos victory is the match against regional rival Retalhuleu- currently slated for September 24…best we can tell.

* For this month’s fun fact: This paltry offense is sputtering along despite having Xelaju’s all-time leading goal scorer, Israel Silva, on the starting front line.

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